Dynamic Folders (Examples)

Refer to Dynamic Folders for details and examples.

Note that the queries shown below were used with data copied from the USDA GRIN database. The examples will need to be modified to match your organization's data.
# Title Code Description
1 Accession (Single) @accession.accession_number_part1 = 'PI' AND
@accession.accession_number_part2 = 600000
Points to one specific accession whose prefix (accessions_part_1) equals "PI" and whose number (accession_part_2) is "600000"
2 Accession (Range) (@accession.accession_number_part2 > 500000 AND
@accession.accession_number_part2 < 500100 )
Used to list records within a range of accession numbers
3 Traits @crop.name = 'SORGHUM'
AND @crop_trait.coded_name = 'KERCOLOR'
AND @crop_trait_code.code IN ('2', '4')
Used to list accessions or inventory with specific traits
4 Accession (By its name) EGR 1 In this examle, EGR 1 is a valid Accession-Inventory Name. Used with the Accession or Inventory dataviews, records whose accessions have that same name will be listed.
5 By Lists This example illustrates a list of accessions. Lists can easily be copied from elsewhere into a folder's Properties | Dynamic List Options box
6 Species @taxonomy_species.name = 'Ribes cereum' Will find any records for the given species. Especially handy since you can switch from the accession dataview to the inventory dataview.
7 Origin (Source) @taxonomy_genus.genus_name = 'Helianthus' AND
@taxonomy_species.species_name = 'tuberosus' AND
@geography.country_code = 'USA' AND
@geography.adm1 = 'North Dakota' AND
@accession_source.is_origin = 'Y'
Used to list accessions with the specified origin
8 Methods @method.method_id > 0 AND
@site.site_short_name = 'W6' AND
@method.name LIKE 'ALFALFA%'
This Dynamic Query criteria was used to produce a list of methods records.