Getting Started

Note: Genebanks using GRIN-Global validate germplasm requests adhering to their genebank's specific criteria and follow procedures specific to their genebank.

The following is a quick, general summary for using GRIN-Global:

  • log in. (Note: you can search without logging in, but we highly recommend logging in when you know that you will be requesting germplasm. (If this is the first time on GRIN-Global, you will need to create a profile.)
  • search for the desired accessions (or inventory items) – search by specific accession names or identifiers, by crop traits (descriptors), or by taxonomic criteria
  • select desired accessions and submit an order. You can attach an import permit directly into GRIN when you place your order. Beginning in 2022, it is possible to request specific inventory.
  • the process: after you submit your order, it is reviewed for validity and sent to the site(s) where the respective accessions are maintained.

  • the curators follow a process to ensure that any importing / exporting regulations are being met – they will contact you typically via email when any supporting documents are required. Since each site has different constraints and because some germplasm has seasonal availability, your order may be shipped in partial shipments.

  • determine request status: When logged in, you can follow the progress of your order under Your Profile, Your Order History