Frequently Asked Questions

Who may request germplasm?

How much does the germplasm cost?

Why did you change the website?

How does this new GG Website impact me?

Do I need to update my profile? No.

Do previously submitted requests need to be resubmitted? No.

How do I…

search for unavailable accessions? (Advanced Tab | Select all)

change_my_password? (I forgot it)

determine the password rules? (length, special characters, etc.)

determine the status of my order?

change my email address?

request germplasm?

cite GRIN-Global citations?

determine the crop to which a species belongs?

find accessions with Journal of Plant registrations?

determine site contact information?

NPGS-specific (USDA)

access the GRIN Collections page?

access Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Information?

determine the species holdings at an NPGS site?



change my password? (I forgot it!)

Click the Log in button in the upper top right.

A small window will display, with a Forgot Password button. Click the button; you will be prompted for your email address. If you are registered under that email address, you should receive an email immediately with a temporary password.

If you do know your password and want to change it, click the Log in button. Select Your Profile from the menu. The screen displays your profile data which can be changed. 


determine the status of my order?

Log in. Select Your Order History. Your recent request are listed; click the request’s link.

See also Checking the Status of an Order.



request germplasm?

The first step is to log in or register first if you do not have a user profile yet. Search for accessions that are of interest. Select them and add to your shopping cart. When you are finished with your selecting process, click the cart icon and proceed – several screens will need to be completed.

cite GRIN-Global citations?
All information in GRIN is in the public domain, as is the NPGS germplasm. Citations are appreciated but, are not required. We especially encourage including the identifier(s) of any accessions (e.g. Plant Introduction [PI] numbers) when NPGS material is a key resource used in the research.


determine for a species the crop to which it is belongs?

Use the Under Report menu, select the Find the Crop/Descriptor list... report.


find accessions with Journal of Plant registrations?

GG has a report which can be used to find accessions that have been recorded in the Journal of Plant Registrations. Use the Reports option on the main menu; indicate the Crop and the registration type code, as shown in the following example:

change my email address?

Edit your profile. You log in using your original email address, change to the new one. You should then logout and login with your new email address.

How does this new GG Website impact me?

The new design should improve screen navigation and make it easier for you to locate data. The GRIN-Global website was revamped to take advantage of newer browser capabilities. For example, the new browser windows adjust better to different screen sizes - images re-size, text wraps appropriately, etc. The functionality of the original GG site has been maintained, but also enhanced. We hope you find switching to the new design fairly seamless, but we understand how a software change may cause some initial discomfort.

If you have previously submitted a request, that request is still in the system pipeline. If you previously created a user profile, that profile has been maintained, including your password and request history.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us form to submit your question(s).

Why did you change the website?

Browser technology has changed substantially since the original GRIN-Global website design. The new GG website uses some of this technology, such as responsiveness - the text and images will adjust to the screen size. As with most software, it will evolve, and we intend to make additional improvements and modifications. For more highlights, Read more...

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the Contact Us link on the main menu on the GRIN-Global pages to submit your comments.

determine an NPGS site?

Select GRIN | USDA Genetic Resource Collection

Scroll down...




Plant Variety Protection Database (PVP)

You can access the PVP database via the GRIN-Global menu (as shown below), or directly at https://www.ars-grin.gov/PVP. Note that this collection is maintained in conjunction with the Agricultural Marketing Service Plant Variety Protection Office (PVPO), which provides intellectual property protection to breeders. This office publishes monthly updates to the status of PVP certificates.