Curator Tool Installation

The Curator Tool is the GRIN-Global client application used by a genebank's staff to access the GG database; it is not the database.

Installing the Curator Tool involves several steps that must be followed closely. Please download the Installation Guide and review before installing.

* Note Regarding Release
This release expects some additional dataviews to be installed and one new Code added. A GG database administrator managing the server will need to do this. At NPGS, this has been completed.

From the page:, download the .zip file, near the bottom, under other supporting files. ( Download that zip file to extract the requisite .dataviews file; then import the .dataviews file via the Admin Tool.

Use the Admin Tool to manually create the new code. The code to be added is: Code Group: ORDER_REQUEST_ACTION. Details are in the Curator Tool Overview.

Upgrading from 32-bit CT Versions
Recent Curator Tool (CT) versions have been 64-bit. However, if you are upgrading from a CT whose version is or older, you should completely uninstall it using Windows. (If you are unsure of the current CT version, start up the CT – the version is displayed in the CT’s title bar.)