Autumn 2023 - GRIN-Global Webinar Series

Recordings of a GRIN-Global Webinar Series conducted for Procinorte participants during October - November, 2023 are listed below. After each session, participants were expected to complete a "homework" exercise.

The intended audience for these videos and PDFs is a genebank's internal staff.

These videos illustrate basic GRIN-Global Curator Tools concepts and features. Also, check out the NPGS News & Training page which has video recordings and presentations given during Q & A sessions.

CT Webinar 2:
Recorded 10/18/23

Adding Accessions; Wizards; Deleting Records; Lookups, Inventory (Part 1)

Session 2 Videos:

Homework after 2nd Session Accession Wizard (.PDF)
Lookups (.PDF)
Cooperators (.PDF)
Inventory Part 1 (.PDF)

CT Webinar 3:
Recorded 10/25/23

CT Webinar 4:
Recorded 11/8/2023

Cooperators & Requests Processing (Orders)

Session 4 Videos:

Homework after 4th Session
Cooperators (.PDF)

CT Webinar 5:
Recorded 11/15/2023

Observations -- Crops, Traits, Descriptors

Session 5 Videos:

Homework after 5th Session
Observations - Part 1(.pdf)

Curator Tool Interface Overview

This video provides a brief overview of the main Curator Tool window.

Resizing and Arranging Data Grid Columns

Similarities between Excel (and other spreadsheets) and the Curator Tool's datagrid are discussed.

Dataview Basics

Dataviews are the backbone for the Curator Tool. In this video, you will learn how to switch between dataviews as well as load additional dataviews that are not initially visible.

Using and Building Lists

Curator Tool users create lists to track and manage accessions, inventory, orders, etc. In this video, two kinds of lists are made: a static and a dynamic. The advantages of each are described. The video gives a brief intro to the Search Tool as well.

Creating a New Record

Learn how to create a new accession record.

Basics of Adding Many Records to the Curator Tool

You can easily copy many rows from a spreadsheet into the Curator Tool. By understanding the basics demonstrated in this video, you will be able to import any kind and any number of records into the Curator Tool.

Searching for a Range

You can search for a range of records, by specifying a beginning and ending criteria.

Order & Cooperator Wizard

Learn how to create new cooperator records when the web order request has been submitted by a new germplasm requestor. (Two cooperator records are created when the shipping address differs.)

Bulk Adding Names

You can easily copy data from a spreadsheet into GG. This video demonstrates how to "bulk add" many accession names records from a spreadsheet.

Public Website Overview

Video introduces the basics of the Public Website interface.You can easily copy data from a spreadsheet into GG.